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The restorers soda blasting service

How does Soda Blasting work?

The process involves blasting sodium bicarbonate against the surface to be cleaned, using compressed air to accelerate the crystals to almost 600 miles an hour. Unlike an abrasive, sodium bicarbonate particles remove contaminants by means of the energy release. When the particles 'explode' (crush) on contact with the surface the non-abrasive action allows it to lift any contaminate off a surface. Normally a surface would have been damaged by an abrasive media. Using Soda, surfaces like aluminium, stainless steel, glass, fibreglass, wood, plastics, bearings, seals, hydraulic cylinders and more can be cleaned and stripped safely.

Soda blasting also breaks down hydrocarbons through a process called, saponification which makes it highly suitable for cleaning equipment covered in fatty foods or engine parts.  After Soda Blasting is complete just rinse off with water and the water soluble soda disappears.

The non-flammable properties of sodium bicarbonate allow it to be used for cleaning in the petroleum industry where other methods cannot be used. Likewise, its non-toxic properties mean that it can be used in food-processing and similar areas.